Who We Are

Optimization, LLC (o10n) is a co-op of full and part-time IT professionals who specialize in ECommerce and Enterprise software, data, and cloud solutions. We are a Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solutions Provider.

Our niche is delivering professional services in a fractional capacity to help clients complete projects, optimize performance, and solve tough IT challenges. Our business model brings the combined knowledge, skills, and talent of highly-experienced individuals to organizations dynamically, reducing the need to hire or contract full-time resources to provide specific subject matter expertise.

The secret sauce is our network of associates who are able to do what they do best in a freelance-style capacity, but with the support and benefits of a team and proven project management methodology. This practice leads to more consistent outcomes and ongoing support for our clients. Our team is highly-motivated and engaged because they are able to take on projects they enjoy, can maximize their billable income, and share in revenues while the hassles of proposals, contracts, billing, invoicing, accounts receivable, and other administrative duties are handled for them.