Google Analytics 4 (GA4) ECommerce Scatter Plot

Quickly spot products with high conversion & sales potential in the Google Analytics 4 ECommerce Purchase Report

Identifying products with high potential for increased conversion rates can be an effective way to quickly driving revenue and business growth. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offers valuable insights into customer behavior and product performance, enabling you to make informed decisions about product promotion and marketing strategies.

The ECommerce Purchase Report in GA4 provides a comprehensive overview of your product sales data. However, to quickly identify products with high potential for increased cart rates and higher views, consider utilizing the scatter plot chart. This visualization tool allows you to analyze product performance based on two key metrics: Add-to-Cart Rate and Product Views.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) ECommerce Purchase Report Scatter Plot Diagram

Understanding the Scatter Plot

The scatter plot diagram in the ECommerce Purchase Report positions each product as a data point on a two-dimensional graph. The horizontal axis represents the product view count, while the vertical axis represents the items added to cart. This positioning provides valuable insights into each product’s ability to generate interest and encourage customers to add products to their carts.

Identifying Products with High Potential

By analyzing the scatter plot, you can categorize products into four distinct quadrants:

Top Left Quadrant: Higher Cart Rate, Fewer Views

Products in this quadrant have a high cart rate but generate relatively few views. Shoppers are interested in these items and show purchase intent by adding the to their carts, but there’s a significant opportunity to increase sales by improving visibility. Consider promoting these items, featuring or repositioning them on category and search results pages, exploring product photography, advertising, and social media marketing.

Top Right Quadrant: Higher Cart Rate, Higher Views

Products in this quadrant represent your top performers, consistently attracting customers and encouraging them to add products to their carts. Prioritize these products for marketing campaigns and promotions to maximize their revenue potential.

Bottom Right Quadrant: Lower Cart Rate, Higher Views

These products have high product view counts but a low cart rate. While they generate interest, there’s an opportunity to improve cart conversion and sales by addressing potential issues and friction points, such as customers need for more product information, competitive pricing, customer reviews/confidence, and product positioning.

Bottom Left Quadrant: Lower Cart Rate, Fewer Views

These products could be winners but fall relatively short in both cart rate and views, compared to other items. Evaluate them and use the tactics about to improve them accordingly.


By analyzing the scatter plot and understanding the four quadrants, you can quickly identify products with high potential for increased cart rates and higher views, enabling you to prioritize marketing efforts, optimize product strategies, and ultimately drive sales & revenue growth.

There are opportunities in all quadrants, but we generally recommend starting with the Top Left and Bottom Right quadrants. These each have one of the two components (higher cart rate or higher views) that will typically enable you to drive revenue more quickly.

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