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Google Analytics 4 is In – Do You Have These Basics Covered?

  • Ensure your GA4 property is set up correctly and ensure all prior events and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are tracked.
  • Verify that no duplicate events are firing.
  • Configure your GA4 tracking code (directly or through Google Tag Manager) and remove the Universal Analytics (UA) tracking code once Google stops collecting data for your site.
  • Change your data retention settings to keep more than 2 months of data.
  • Ensure your conversions, audiences, custom events, and dimensions are setup correctly.
  • If using Google Ads, ensure your Google Ads conversions are setup and assigned properly.
  • Connect Google Search Console, Google Ads, and Google Merchant Center (as needed).
  • Export historical data from Universal Analytics to either archive or make it accessible for Year-Over-Year comparison w/ GA4 data.

Exporting Universal Analytics Data for Archiving or Merging with GA4 Data

If you have only a small amount of Universal Analytics data, you could transfer your data to Google Sheets using the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on or the Google Analytics Reporting API and use it in Google Sheets.

If you have a large amount of data, you’ll likely want to transfer your data to a data warehouse like Google BigQuery. If you’re using Google Analytics 360, this can be done directly using Google BigQuery. If using the standard version of Universal Analytics, this can be done by transferring Universal Analytics data to Google Sheets using the method above and subsequently, using a BigQuery Connector to transfer the Universal Analytics data from Google Sheets to BigQuery.

Google officially announced that on July 1, 2024, access to the Universal Analytics user interface and API will be discontinued, so it’s critical to consider this in time to export your Universal Analytics data before July 1, 2024.

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