Drive Sales with eGift Cards for Your Business

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Custom eGift card shop for small business on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices

GiftKash is an eGift Card and Referral Marketing solution that can literally be turned up in minutes. It enables small, local businesses to offer eGift cards to their customers and empowers those customers to promote those businesses to other prospects.

Here’s How It Works

Retailers are provided a custom eGift Shop featuring the eGift cards they want to offer. Customers can purchase and send them with personalized messages in just a few clicks. Recipients receive them immediately, and are occasionally reminded to use them. This drives sales and visits to the retailer.

To redeem, recipients present the eGift card to the retailer on their mobile device. The retailer can verify the eGift is valid using a button on the recipient’s phone or by scanning the QR code with their own mobile device. Once verified valid, the retailer simply clicks to redeem the amount needed and credits the customer’s bill accordingly. Any remaining balance is automatically emailed to the customer as a new eGift card.

Traditional and Pay When Redeemed eGift Cards

Standard GiftKash eGift Cards are paid for by the customer when purchased and the retailer is paid at that time. GiftKash’s Pay When Redeemed eGift Cards allow for an eGift card to be sent (with valid credit card) and the purchaser is only charged if/when the eGift card is redeemed. This empowers customers to send more gifts – since not all gift cards are redeemed. This simple concept creates a referral marketing machine for the retailer – generating sales, new customers, repeat visits, email addresses, and other benefits. As a bonus – Pay When Redeemed eGift cards virtually eliminate fraud and chargebacks because no money changes hands until a valid eGift card is redeemed with authenticated payment.

Create and Launch an eGift Card Shop in Minutes

Build and preview your custom eGift Shop for FREE with the Build-a-Store tool at Pricing is simple, choose $20/month with a 3% processing fee -OR- a flat 10% Commission with NO Monthly or Processing fees! Cancel Anytime. Contact Us for more Information.