Burchell Nursery Project Summary

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The Opportunity

Burchell Nursery’s most notable concern in regards to their website was the absence of responsivity of the webpage on mobile devices. When looking at the website on a phone or tablet, the user would need to scroll continuously to reach all of the information. With a non-responsive webpage, the format is static. Due to this, the webpage does not respond to the width of the browser making the content hard to navigate and read. The layout of the home page was also outdated and overwhelming for viewers. Burchell was looking for a new design that provided a better end-user experience and enabled visitors to find information more easily.

The Solution

o10n provides a variety of services to help businesses evolve their websites to meet their business goals. We used free plugins for a less-expensive way to fix some of the issues that arose. One of the plugins that we used was Meta Slider. This enabled us to create responsive carousels that contained important images and information on the home page. We also added a sidebar for easy navigation to pages on the site. Adding the sidebar created space that was needed to declutter the home page for a more functional site. Creating a new design and layout for the website gave it a sleek look with easy to navigate pages. It was also made to be responsive for small screens and mobile devices. 

Google ReCAPTCHA was added to the forms as well. This security measure prevents fake users from spamming or maliciously using the forms on the website. All while allowing regular users to easily use the site and fill out the forms as normal. One of the final changes that we made was to redirect the links from the old website pages to the newly created pages. In order to complete this task, a free plugin was used to point all of the links to the new website pages. Using a tool like this prevents users from being linked to the incorrect locations. Overall, Burchell Nursery’s website became more modern and functional for all users. 

The Outcome

In the end, we created a newly designed website that encompassed everything that Burchell Nursery wanted. A mobile friendly website redesigned with added components such as informative carousels, sidebar navigation, ReCAPTCHA, and many more fine details. We worked with Burchell’s team to efficiently make changes based on the needs of the customer.