New Site, New Services

Welcome to our new web site! Along with our new design, we now have a mobile-friendly web presence and some new social media profiles. We're planning to use our enhanced web presence to share more valuable insights to help you promote your business or cause online. We hope you'll connect through email or social media (right-hand column).

We're also releasing a new version of our interactive video software videoRedirect (vR). vR is a service that enables you to put clickable links and custom images around any YouTube video for your site, blog, or marketing campaign. In this release, we've automated some of the technology we've been using to build custom interactive video solutions for our clients and developed a powerful turnkey solution for marketers to put interactive functionality on videos in their blogs, web sites, & product pages without video editing or programming. We'll be sharing some client examples in upcoming posts. Read more about it here or drop us a note if you'd like more info.

Lastly, we've developed a content marketing system that small businesses & professionals can use to attract more referrals & repeat business from existing customers and generate new leads by getting found more effectively in search engines. We've just completed a proof of concept with one of our clients ( Look for some examples of our work and more information about this exciting new service coming soon!