Announcing vR v1.7.2!

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We're pleased to announce the release of videoRedirect v1.7.2. In this release, we're commercializing some of the technology we've been using to build custom interactive video solutions for our clients.

videoRedirect (vR) is a service that enables you to put clickable links and custom images around any YouTube video and use that for your site, blog, or marketing campaign. In addition to improving your viewer experience and conversion rates, the service also makes YouTube a virtual library of videos for promoting your business or cause. You can literally plug any YouTube video id into vR and have your branding on it in minutes.

videoRedirect makes it easy to display a custom thumbnail/poster image for your video instead of the default YouTube poster. Our split tests have shown that improved thumbnail/poster images can almost double the view rates for product videos.

That's just the beginning, put a custom ad/message on your video while it plays and a clickable landing page with your messaging at the end. It's a great way to improve viewing experiences and conversion on your website or blog and a great tool for kicking up your video marketing campaigns a notch!

vR v1.7.2 includes:
  • An enhanced vR player re-engineered in C#
  • A Control Panel for managing all vR player settings
  • An Image File Uploader
  • A Getting Started Guide
  • Player re-sizing
  • Upload & set opening thumbnail/poster image
  • Configurable Mid-Roll Ad Message & features
  • Upload & set landing page image
  • Configurable landing page message & features
  • A new pricing model
  • Online Store - PayPal checkout process
You can find out more at

Play with a demo at vR Demo


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